Breaking the Rules: The Too Soon “I Love You”

Waiting for Ty coverIf you’ve read the back cover blurb, you know that in Waiting for Ty, Landon and Ty give into their lust after four long years of fighting their attraction to each other. They share a night together “that’s better than their most erotic fantasies.”

What you don’t know, unless you’ve read the book, is what happens after that night.

***Spoiler Alert***

Okay, are you ready? Here goes. Landon screws it all up with his premature use of the L-word.

“I love you, Ty,” he said, his voice low. It came out before he could stop it, and he immediately wished he could take it back. Maybe Ty hadn’t heard it. It was too early…too much, too soon.

Despite the fact that I wrote this, my heart stopped and I cringed when I realized what Landon had blurted. Oh my sweet, shy geek who overanalyzes everything, what were you thinking? Were you thinking? Have you just completely lost your mind? Did it blow out the top of your head (no pun intended) when you and Landon made love? Yes, yes, you made love. You both know it. But don’t say it! Not yet! Tyler will freak! Worse, he’ll want to talk about it. You know how you love to talk.

Of course, I was right. Landon knew it before I berated him. But it was too late. The cat was out of the bag. And can I just take a moment to say how difficult it is to get the cat in the bag? I had a cat who required insulin injections for his diabetes. I had to put him in a pillow case to give him the shots. It was magical the way he disappeared when I pulled out that pillow case. Poof! Gone in a cloud of dust punctuated with hairballs.

But back to Landon’s huge, colossal no-no.

Ty disappeared almost as quickly as my cat. But first, he insisted on talking about it. Yep, I was right. (Don’t get to say that very often, so forgive me for rolling in it.)

 ***Spoiler Alert Over***

How do they get past Landon’s faux pas? Do they get past it? (Hint: This is a romance.) And if you skipped over the spoiler, what grievous dating rule did Landon break? (Pay no attention to the title of this blog post.) All these questions will be answered in Waiting for Ty.

So tell me, have you ever experienced a misstep like Landon’s? Were you the misstepper or misstepee? Did it end well?

This post first appeared at The Contemporary Romance Café.

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