Bingeing On Amy Lane

As I write this, I’m bingeing on Amy Lane. (And may I say it seems particularly apropos to discuss bingeing on American Thanksgiving.) Lynda Aicher mentioned Lane’s work at the RT 2013 conference when we were discussing our mutual love of M/M romance. At that same conference another friend of mine, bestselling author Katie Lane, sat next to Amy Lane at the massive booksigning. Over drinks, Katie told me about the long line of fans at Ms. Lane’s table. Of course, I had to pick up one of her books.

I was immediately hooked.

Even though I love Ms. Lane’s work, I was only reading one of her books every couple of months. Chase in Shadow, Dex in Blue, Ethan in Gold, Keeping Promise Rock, Shiny, Behind the Curtain, Racing for the Sun. She was a treat, a reward to be savored—like that chocolate éclair when I’m trying to lose a few pounds. But as happens from time to time with my favorite pastry, I lost my willpower. Two weeks ago, I downloaded a stack of Amy Lane, and that’s all I’ve read since: Clear Water, Hammer and Air, Sidecar, Talker, Locker Room, and Truth in the Dark, which I’ve just started.

Chase In Shadow coverWhat is it about her stories that make them like Lay’s potato chips? For me, it’s the emotion. Pure and simple. Her characters are damaged. But aren’t a lot of characters? Sure, but Ms. Lane has a way of making me feel that damage in every cell of my body. I don’t often cry when reading, but I know when I read Amy Lane there is a very real possibility that my heart will break. I won’t just cry; I’ll sob. It’s an emotional purging.

Perhaps someday, I’ll dissect her stories and figure out just how she does it. For now, I’m enjoying the binge.

Who’s your favorite author to binge on?

This post first appeared at The Contemporary Romance Café in 2014.

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